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n°5 Break ranks. Against war, against peace, for socialrevolution

“Perhaps the world has never been in such great need of the vivifying breath of anarchism; never has the breaking of rules, discipline and the law seemed more necessary.” These words were written by a comrade on the brink of the second world war. Today war – the other side of the bloody face of the market, of
progress and production – continues to devastate the world which could be in the same need of the strident scream of anarchy against all power, breaking the ranks of both totalitarian and democratic states, scanning the horizon to stop the massacre at the source of its production.
Analyses of war, control, repression, exploitation, the militarization
of minds, sectarian hatred and technological mailstrom as aspects of this domination in constant restructuring come together in this
pamphlet, which ventures along the roads of action -yesterday as today – against their war… and against their peace.

Spring 2019, 168 pages


n°4 Journey towards the abyss – Scattered reflexions on the technoworld

In these scattered reflections on the technoworld, we will explore some main areas of current research and technological developments such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, the multiplication of electronics, cognitive sciences… This exploration begins to sketch the outlines of what resembles a new project of domination, indeed, the next project to encage the world and its inhabitants.

110 p. – april 2018 – 2 euros

Where we are at?
Phenomenology of the machine
All connected
Genetically correct
Minority Report
Transforming humankind
The technological universe
The citadels of science
The impossible consensus
So then

n°3 The unexpected

Looking elsewhere and otherwise. To think about how to throw the game of the opponent into disorder, instead of playing a hand. Of how to confound him, rather than to counter strike. Of how to surprise him, possibly, being where he doesn’t expect us, doing what he does not expect us to do. Trying to understand not what has always been done, but rather how to do what has never been done. To await situations at the cliff to make them precipitate, rather than chasing after them to possibly influence them with the weight of our (inhibited) presence. Or yet to intervene by treading through the periphery of a given situation without paralyzing ourselves in the central choke. Or even still, to anticipate these situations in order to divert them elsewhere, shattering the plans of the enemy.

92 pages – May 2017 – 2 euros


Sans précédents
The unexpected
Something’s missing
Carpe diem
Tight rope
Straw on fire
Sacred fires
Bring the war to the countryside?


n° 2 Affinity and informal organization

If the question is no longer how to organize the people for the struggle, we should talk about how to organize the struggle. We think that archipelagos of affinity groups, independent one from the other, which are able to associate themselves according to shared perspectives and of concrete projects of struggle, are the best way to pass directely to the offensive. This concept offert the greatest autonomy and the largest field of action possible. In the range of insurrectional projects, it is necessary and possible to find ways of informally organizing ourselves which whould allow the encounter between anarchists and other rebels, forms of organization which are not destined to perpetuate themselves, but are aimed at a specific and insurrectional goal.

92 pages – October 2016 – 2 euros

To go further
A disruptive element
Archipelago. Affinity, informal organization and insurrectional projects
The insurrectional method

n° 1 – Revolutionary Echoes from Syria

Conversations with two anarchists from Aleppo

The discussion below reflects an overview of the conditions  experienced by individuals who are trying to liberate themselves from the system of social hypocrisy and the mentality of subordination. Our experience is still fragile, a newborn.

During the revolution and even now the difficulty lies in our inability to observe clearly the inherent authoritarian power within the society and the state. Consequently this prevented – and still prevents – us from stripping the layers they hide behind and fighting them raw and bare.

August 2016 – 134 pages


Introduction – Two anarchists from Aleppo

Conversations – Between A., R. and X.

Afterword – X.